Adventures in Computer Vision: The Birth of WarnerVision™

I’ve been privately musing about computer vision quite a bit lately.  Well, with the break upon me — and half gone, for God’s sake — I’ve sat down the last couple days to pound out a visual object tracking system, here on out known as WarnerVision™(explanation later).  I have every reason to assume mine is the worst solution known to man, but I’ll take it, Goddammit. Continue reading

My newest target: FedEx

I have, as of late, obtained a reputation for letting companies know of my discontent with their services.  But I don’t do it in normal fashion, with calm and restrained remarks.  Instead, I write a goddamn novella each and everytime that somebody pisses me off.

The latest target of my ire is none other than shipping giant FedEx after a recent debacle involving their shipment customization options.

Read on past the break for my latest work:

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A Common Sense Request to the City of Norman

Dear Norman Chamber of Commerce,

It has recently come to my attention that someone in San Francisco has declared their food the best in the Bay Area.  This is unacceptable.  Why should we, a city with copious amounts of quality restaurants, take this lying down?  Why should we let mere geographic boundaries and a relatively small distance* of 1644 miles get between us and such prestige?

It is thus that I make a common sense request.  I call for the immediate and complete annexation of the entire Bay Area by the city of Norman.  By doing this, Norman itself can be folded into the newly renamed Greater Bay Area and lay claim to all of the previously unaffiliated awards and titles therein.

I urge you to seriously consider this request with the utmost haste.  The reward for successfully following through is a large Frosty with fries from Wendy’s in the OU Student Union.

Your friend and trusted economic advisor,

Chris Hackmann

* Compared to the distance between Earth and the Sun

A Practical Application of Infinite Computational Power

A couple of nights ago I was in bed bingeing on chips and Velveeta dip while watching TV — a period of absolute bliss to be sure — when it hit me: I should make some completely ridiculous data compression scheme.  So I did, and thus was born a computationally inefficient data compressor based on the magic of pseudo-random numbers.

Join me after the break as I venture to a far away land of code and computer systems where the theoretical makes the outrageous practical — mostly it’s the outrageous part.

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One Day Challenge: Tetris


You know what’s great?  Original content.  You know what’s just as good as that?  The illusion of original content.  What I bring with me today can be classified as the latter; a project I worked on last August as a challenge to myself – write a simple Tetris game in a day.  Thus, new for you, old hat for me.  My own dickery aside, here is the code:

Tetris Code – Written in C# with XNA

My apologies for the somewhat messy coding style – concessions were made and OOP guidelines broken for the sake of rapid development.  There’s a relatively severe lack of comments as well, but the code is fairly straightforward and easily understood, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Ultimately, there’s little to say as Tetris is relatively uninteresting from a code perspective – at least my rendition.  Rest assured, though, as there is a method to my madness.

I have a few projects I’ll be rolling out in blog posts, starting with the smallest/least significant.  I’ll also be delving into some totally swank experimental code I whipped up for the sake of science or some bull shit.

Should be a fun ride.